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08/07/2020James Goodale
08/21/2020Riv Swartz
09/04/2020Al Kaplan
09/18/2020Lee Cooper
10/02/2020Adair Heath
10/16/2020Ed Thomson

Topic: Inquiring Minds Meeting
Time: 10:15 AM Eastern Time
Click on link to join meeting: IQ-Minds-September 25th
Meeting ID: 824 2985 0163
Passcode: P8tmE^j0
To join by phone dial 1(301) 715-8592, then enter above Meeting ID

Tips for participating: in a ZOOM Meeting:
1.If using a phone or tablet, you will need to download Zoom App and create an account (FREE option will work for these meetings)
2.PC users can go to and create an account
3.To join meeting you will click on the link above and then add meeting password
4.You will then be placed in the "Waiting Room"
5.Host of the meeting will admit people into the meeting as they log on
6.If using video, be sure to know how to turn on your camera and sound
7.You can participate in meeting without video
8.Next, identify the controls needed to mute/unmute yourself (be sure to be in a place with limited background noise)
9.Choose your view (options)

all people in meeting will be in same size box. Frame will highlight to identify who is talking

whoever is currently speaking will be in a larger, primary box on screen while others will be in smaller box.
As the speaker changes so will the primary box
10.Moderator will instruct on how and when discussion will take place.

For those new to ZOOM, here is a tutorial for you to watch - Getting Started with Zoom Meetings Please send any questions to Ed Mitchell