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Thank you all for your cheerful patience with my improvisation this
evening. We did in the end all play 16 boards, with each board being
played twice. When the board was flat, I gave each of the 4 pairs
involved 1 point. When the results were different at the two tables,
I gave 2 points for a top and 0 for a bottom. A perfect score
would be 32 (a top on each of the 16 boards). Point and
percentages of a perfect score are as follows.
Given the circumstances, I think a more than usual amount of chance
was involved. Better directing next week.
Pair Points Percent N-S McGrades 20 62.50 Crawfords 19 59.37 Ivory/Kennedy 13 40.62 Niciforos 12 37.50 E-W Peterson/Forcey 18 56.25 Cranes 17 53.12 Linhart/Holmes 15 46.87 Kissels 14 43.75 

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