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Sent:                                           Monday, November 06, 2017 9:36 PM

To:                                               'Jo Klenk'

Subject:                                     Aviation Club, Thursday, Nov. 9th, 1:15pm, Social Center


Hello, Aviation Friends,


This is just a reminder that the Aviation Club will be joining the Astronomy Interest Group in a meeting on Thursday, November 9th at 1:15-2:15 PM in the Social Center.


Doug Heatherly will be speaking on “Celestial Navigation”. He will help us learn how to read a star map, find a particular star or constellation, and then navigate by using those stars! Come find out how early explorers crossed oceans without the benefit of computers, GPS, or a compass (or how you could today!)


In case you think this topic might be too difficult or irrelevant for you, let me reassure you! Doug is an expert at explaining things in a clear and understandable way and you’ll enjoy viewing the night sky a lot more if you can find specific stars. Plus, I have spoken to several residents this week who told me they have actually used celestial navigation themselves – one in WWII as a bomber navigator and another who used it in boating. So celestial navigation has real-world applications even today.


So please join us on Thursday and consider bringing a friend. All are welcome!


Warm regards,




Jo Klenk

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